Monday, August 10, 2009

The Things That I Cherish

This is what Halee decided that she wanted to wear to the pool the other day...
Winter boots and her bathing suit in the middle of summer.


This is what Siah wanted to wear to the grocery store yesterday...
Shorts and flip flops, with a few pirate accessories. :)

These are the things that I cherish in my kids. I love that Siah loves his pirate hat(THANK YOU SUSAN for blessing him with his pirate costume!) and that Hal loves her boots. And I not only love it because they are so stinkin cute, but because of what it says about their insides... about their hearts. That pirate hat and those boots are evidence that my kids aren't yet jaded by the insecurities of the world. They are confident in being just who God made them to be.

Hal has no idea that Vogue Magazine would poo-poo her idea of wearing knee high boots in the heat of the August sun. Siah has no idea that most people only wear their pirate hats on October 31st.

Hal just knows that that's what made her feel like a princess when she was getting dressed that morning. Siah just knows that that pirate hat makes him feel joyful and causes him to act silly and have fun.

As we walked around the store, Siah would say something "pirate-ee" about everything... "Arrrrrr, is that there a pirate apple Mama?" or "Arrrrrr, pirates don't like rabbits." Then he asked me about a barrel full of fuzzy kiwi's, "Mama, are those dead rabbits in there?"
So silly... and so fun.

Blessing Upon blessing...