Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Man I Love

So sad... So here it is...Happy Birthday Papa!!!!

The truth is that although it is Saturday and it is Papa's 31st birthday, we are doing different things in different places, busying ourselves with all the odds and ends of getting ready for our week-long trip to COLORADO! Joey has spent the morning working on the Beast (Our suburban), and now he is out on a job. I've been doing laundry, cleaning out my fridge (so that I don't have to come home to a moldy mess), more laundry, and some packing. But the business is no excuse for missing out on giving a shout out to the man I love!

It's quite a task trying to come up with something to give to the man who seems to have all the things that he wants (except for that speed triple of course... which I promise to start saving for Love, the minute that I have a job that pays a little better. :).
So the kids and I worked on a little project this week just for Papa...

Each of the kid's hand prints... it's a lot bigger job than it seems at first glance. See the hands on the right? Those are Reesie's lovely prints. DO you have any idea how hard it is to open a one- year-old's hands and manipulate them in such a way so that they will go flat onto the paper and not be so bunchy? Oh my goodness me... A difficult task. It cracks me up that one of her hands looks rather pudgy, while the other one looks like it went on a major diet. :) Lovely!
Oh well... It was still a gift made with the deepest of love and joy!
I sure do love you My Love!
I can't wait to spend a week away with you and the kids!
Happy Birthday!