Monday, July 13, 2009

A Hilarious Mama Day

A short preface for story #1... We have been talking with the kids about gun safety a lot the past few weeks...

Story #1
At breakfast this morning I
thought that I was having this awesome conversation with the kids about the Lord. At the very end of the conversation I brought what we had been talking about back around and asked them a question, "So how can we show others that we know and love God?"

In response to my question Hal informed me, "If a mean man comes into our house and tries to take our stuff... (pause)... we's gotta get our shotgun and scare him away."

Clearly she was not as in to the conversation about Jesus as I thought.

Story #2
I took the kids to a little fruit stand this morning. Before we got out of the car I gave them my notorious reminder lecture that I give each time we are about to enter into a store... "Please do not touch the food. Stay by me. Keep your hands behind your back if you have to to keep yourself from touching the food.... Are we clear that we are NOT to touch the food?"

As I am checking out, I look over at Siah who has his hands behind his back (good),
but his tongue is sticking out and he is LICKING, yes licking, piles of strawberries, and mumbling
"Mmmmm" quietly to himself between each lick.

"Siah! What are you doing????"
"What Mom? I didn't touch the food."
"No son, you sure didn't."

Needless to say... since the check out lady was watching the whole thing, I added
the basket of strawberries to my purchase.

Story # 3
Ok, so I promise that when we left the house this morning Halee FOR SURE had underwear on. But as I was getting her out of the cart at Costco, (stop number three on our day of errands today), SHE HAD NO UNDERWEAR ON!

"Hal, where did your underwear go?"
She puts both her hands on her checks and shoots me a stunned look with her eyebrows and exclaims, "Oh my goodness Mama, they must have fallen off in the store!"

What??? How could I have missed her loosing her underwear in the store? There is always the possibility that she took them off before we left the house and I didn't catch it. Who knows?

But oh my goodness, what a silly day it has been. :)

Until next time...