Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Papa's Day

Good Morning Papa! We made this sign for you for Papa's day... hope you like it! :)

We took this picture for you this morning... and in the process a miracle happened... ALL THREE OF US looked at the camera AND smiled at the same time!!!! It's just because we love you that much Papa!

Mama asked us what we like about you this morning Papa...

Siah said, "I like his hugs. I like the camping trip in the mountains and after the desert trip we went to see the snow. He makes fort with us."

Reesie said, "Mamamamama, La? DAAAAAA, Yiya... Yiya, Yiya, PAAAAAApa!"

Halee said, "We talk about funny games, the game about water we were watching when we were looking at Papa's phone. And see that ball over there... He plays that ball with me, yeah, I like that!"

We love you our Papa!!!!!!! Happy Papa's day to you!

My love, you are one amazing man! I can't believe the things that the Lord has brought us througha nd blessed us with. If it is this good and it has only been nine years, then I can hardly wait for the rest of my life! One of the things that I love most about you is the way that you cherish our kids. I have no doubt that they feel loved by you every second of every day. You are one incredible man and I feel overwhelmed by the way that you love me and our kiddos! Can't wait to have some more treasures with you. Loving you always, Your Wife

PS I posted about our trip below if you'd like to check it out...