Thursday, April 30, 2009

Talent Show

It has been a FULL house around here lately... and in all honesty I am loving it!! Last weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Jim came down on friday... That night all together we had 14 people coming in and out... eating dinner... hanging out by the fire place... playing games... and putting on a spur of the moment talent show...

We had the music going most of the evening and the kids just soaked it up! They love music and they love to dance... and truth be told, I LOVE to watch them!!!!

Don't miss their moves... Siah starts out with "The Running Man" (More literally, the man that is running)...

Then he goes into the "wiggy, wiggy" (Who knows where the name came from, but Papa, in all his dancing talent, introduced him to the move itself. It's when you grab one leg and shake it back and forth all while standing on the other leg. So funny to me).

The talent show continues with the "Funkadilla." (I love this one... It's like a break dancing move... The best move in my opinion)

The "Triple Whip"... (Where does he get these names, I don't know... :)

Later on in the show, Hal bust out her moves... She doesn't have names for them but she just likes to jump into the fun no matter what the fun might be.

AJ is a little "rapper"... If you listen carefully about half way through the video you can here him rapping, "Yo, yo, yo... yo!" So cute, I know.

I truly love having all these little ones around... I am praying with all my heart that if the Lord wills, He would bring another little treasure into our family in His perfect time (asap would be nice :)... There are challenges to having so many little ones... There are many quarrels that we have to work through throughout each day as our MSC learn to think about others above themselves, to put others first, to talk when they have a problem rather than to shout or cry, to choose to be peacemakers rather than troublemakers... and the list goes on and on...

But as tedious as it might be somedays to put forth the effort of training our kids in righteousness, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else with my life right now... Our MSC cause me to seek my Savior! Even in the midst of the crying and the arguing and the poopy diapers, the Holy Spirit gives me this passion for them... a passion to watch them grow closer to HIM and closer to each other... I love to watch their friendships grow...

I am thankful for the nights when we get blessed with a TALENT SHOW!
What a treat?
What a life?
Blessing upon Blessing