Monday, December 15, 2008

More Memories For My Treasure Chest...

Memory #1

Our kids have no idea how funny they are... They are super into pretend play... they pretend about EVERYTHING... They also love to watch Diego...

Last night I was up stairs putting laundry away and Halee tip toes in and says,
"Mommy, shhhhhh."

So, I whisper, "why are we being so quiet?"
Then she whispers... "cuz the pumas ar ober tear, farting unner da wawerfa we no other em." Translation... Because the pumas are over there farting under the waterfall and we don't want to bother them!" ...

Are you serious????
Where does she come up with this stuff!!!!!

This girl is full of life!!
She's pretending to be a monkey in this picture. :)

Memory #2

Yesterday was one of the best days in ever for my Mommy heart!!!! Lately I have been trying to pick up the kids early from their class at church so that they can come in and be with us during the singing time at the end of the service... They don't know the words really to any of the songs but I love us all being together even if it is just for a small portion of the service...

So yesterday we were all sitting together and and I closed my eyes for just a few minutes while we were singing and when I opened my eyes I didn't see Siah. So I looked around to see where he might have escaped to and when I looked behind me there he was with his eyes closed looking up towards the ceiling singing his heart out to the Lord! I don't know what words he was singing (they weren't the words' to the song that everyone else was singing)... but he was singing something with his whole heart! It was seriously one of the coolest things my eyes have ever seen and my heart has ever felt!

I love this little boy!!!!
I pray with my whole being that the Lord captivates his heart despite my myself and my mistakes.

Memory #3

I believe the saying goes, "Oh snap"... Siah started saying it all the time... When he drops something he'll say it... When he's gettin something he likes he'll say it... In the midst of playing and for no apparant reason he'll say it... I have no idea where he picked it up... But the funny part is, instead of saying, "Oh snap," he says, "Oh snack"...

How cute is that???