Friday, September 12, 2008


We have these most wonderful friends, Anna and Bobby, and Bobby's birthday was this week... So Anna and I thought that we should take our men down to the Glide Port in La Jolla so that they could go hang gliding... Joey called just before we went to make sure that there was enough wind to hang glide... She said there was enough to either hang glide or para glide (Joey wanted to hang glide) ... Then the lady asked how much Joey weighed and he told her and then she said straight up, "well then, you'll be para gliding!!!" And of course Joey replies with, "So you're sayin I'm fat?"
It was hilareous... so when Bobby showed up, Joey had to break the news that they were both to heavy to hang glide... They concluded that Hang gliding could probably only be for horse jockeys and girls! :)

And man... do these photos capture the moment or what? Just look reaaaaalllllly closely... Joey is one of the two black dots on each photo... :) Oh well, thank goodness for memories made in our hearts right?????

Happy birthday boys!!!!! Thanks for a lot laughs, catching up on each others lives, good conversation... and as always... fabulous food and fellowship!!!! (After flying we went to a fabulous little Mexican joint in Del Mar, En Fuego! Delicioso!!!!)