Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Praying For Friendship

I've been asking the Lord for discernment and wisdom since we've brought Skyler home about Josiah and Halee and how they are handling the new baby... I was thinking that they were feeling pretty good about the whole thing until last night when we were all outside and Siah says to me, "I no like skyler." I wasn't quite sure how to respond so I was silent as I looked at him... then he said it three more times..."I no like skyler." So I asked him if he was sad that mommy had to spend time taking care of Skyler and he said, "ya." Then I told him how much I loved him and would always love him and Halee and Skyler and how much I loved spending time with all three of them... and in the middle of my sentence he interrupted me and said, "Mommy I want you take Skyler back to the doctor." (I think He thinks that's where she came from because I went to see the doctor and came back with Skyler). It was a little sad but I was glad that he told me how he really felt... We talked about it a little more after that comment...
Later that night when I was sitting on our recliner Josiah came up to me and told me, "I thankful for Skyler." And this morning when he was praying during our devotion time at breakfast he thanked God (on his own, without my prompting) for Skyler for the first time since she's been home.
So I'm thinking he's on his way... Some days he likes her better than other days... But I know that God has something special in mind for the three little Clarks... I am praying that they grow to have deep, deep friendships and I believe in the power of prayer with my whole heart... I will never cease to pray fervently for the unity of my three little treasures... :)

I think Siah and Hal already have the "brotherly love" thing down :)