Friday, July 4, 2008

Is there such thing as "to good to be true"?????

Mama here... I woke up Wednesday morning with Philippians 4:6 going through my head... "Be anxious for nothing... " And this unexplainable peace was in my heart... when we left for the hospital I felt joyful and calm (a first for me... usually on "birth day" I'm a total nervous wreck at the thought of what I know I have to do... get the baby out... and the last two times I cried the whole way to the hospital) but this time I smiled the whole way there...

We checked in and got settled in the room... They started my antibiotics... and i took a long nap... at 2:30pm the doc came and broke my water and started a little pytocin (spelling??)... I got my epidural and took another nap... at 5:30 I felt a little pressure... at 5:57 I felt A LOT of pressure... 5 pushes later... at 6:03 I pulled the baby out myself!!!!!! IT WAS SOOOOO COOL!!!
I loved not knowing the sex of the baby ahead of time... announcing to Dr. Rob, Julie, and Joey, (these same three people have been with me to deliver all three of my babies :) that it was a girl was definitely one of the best parts!!

My friend Mindy took this picture
and I just love it cuz it captures exactly how I felt!
I am one happy Mama!

Now our sweet Skyler... The first night was nothing but a blessing... We had our own room (a first for us, the last 2 births we have had to share)... And Skyler slept all night only waking up to eat then falling right back asleep... What a miracle... Night 2 was similar... She was awake around 3am for almost an hour but she just laid next to me totally silent looking around then she sacked out again... It was a sweet treat for my little heart to have that time alone with her... the Lord has been preparing me for months to be awake at that exact hour every night in the middle of the night... and what do ya know, Skyler was awake in my belly at 3 and she was awake last night at 3... It's kinda nice and wonderful that the Lord has prepared me all this time so it didn't feel like a big deal to be up with her...

If I could pick one word to describe Skyler Reese it would be "content". She is so peaceful... I know that it is the only the first two days and that things can and probably will drastically change over the next few weeks and months but I want to cherish these days in my heart and be overflowing with thankfulness cuz I feel like the Lord is POURING out his blessing on me and I want him to receive ALL THE GLORY because he is faithful!!!

Content Skyler Reese

Siblings... Josiah and Halee love Skyler... and i'm not just saying that... Especially Halee... She wants to hold Skyler all the time and kiss her and hug her...
Siah is not as into holding her but he's very "proud" to call her his sister... He likes to tell people her name... "This my sister... This Skyler..."

Siah and Skyler

Halee loves to hold "Baby Skyler"
She usually calls her "baby" instead of Skyler...
We called Skyler "baby" for so long cuz we didn't know
if she was a boy or a girl or what her name was... So Halee
hasn't quite made the transition yet...

We are OFFICIALLY a family of 5 :)
(I just love saying that out loud)

I know that this whole experience was as wonderful as it was because of all the amazing family and friends who prayed fervently for us for this moment in our lives... I know with all my heart that this day would not have been the same if you all had not joined together and spoke to the Lord on our behalf... To me, this day has been joyful evidence that God loves to love on his kids... Sometimes he loves on us through trials and sometimes he loves on us through blessings... Thank you Lord for this season of blessing!!!! i love you Lord more than life!!

Blessing upon blessing... :)