Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tonight Joey put the kids to bed then they asked if I could come in and say good night... So i was laying in Josiah's bed and he wanted to pray so I said sure and he started to thank God for all the usual stuff... then with his hands folded and his eyes closed he said matter of factly, "Thank you God that I farted when Papa came in the room. Thank you for peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt." It was hilarious!!! Once he realized that it was funny he started laughing and then tried making jokes and then he would laugh at his own jokes... but they weren't really jokes... He would say stuff like, "thank you for my toes." then he would laugh and laugh... that belly laugh that he has... He fits right into this family... we are all so easily entertained!!! And yes, we think that passing gas is hilarious.
Funny times with my son... I love it Lord... Thank you... :)