Monday, June 16, 2008

Wanna Guess

Me @ 37 weeks

Today i have been feeling a little "Different"... whatever that means???? :) It could mean we're gonna have a baby in a few hours or it could mean a few more weeks... The truth is that I am SOOOO Excited about this baby that I feel like I'm anticipating Christmas morning, My wedding day, the day I met my children, the day I get to eat chocolate cake with the Lord and all my dearest family and friends ALL AT ONCE!!! I can hardly contain myself!!!! This kid is so loved!!!!!!!

So to pass some time I thought that it might be kinda fun to let you all guess whether it's a boy or a girl... If you have any name ideas we would be happy to hear them as we have a few weeks to go and nothing solid in mind :)

If you can "vote" in the comment section it would be kinda fun cuz at the end of the year I would like to turn our blog into a "blog book" (check out it's actually one of the coolest things ever :)... and it would be fun to have all YOUR votes in the book... But if you have trouble with posting your comment you can send your vote through email too :)

I just thought that it would be kinda fun :) So Guess away!!!!!!!

Some comments from email...

From Tracie: My Guess is Girl
and I think you should name her Charlotte and call her Charlie :-),

From Paige: I think it will be a boy! And maybe the name Jonathan?
I LOVE YOU GUYS! And I can’t wait to meet your new wipper snapper!,

From Kalli:
hello clark family!
my dad and i have some votes for you for this new loved baby!
so my dad thinks it will be a boy.
he likes the name Jonah! haha.
i think a girl.
i really like the name Sadie...i know a few
others on your blog like it too...but if not Sadie
i still really love the name Emma!
so i say Emma.
also if it is a boy you wanna be like Superman
my dad says you can name him Kent,
so it would be Kent Clark...kinda like
Superman being Clark Kent? hahahahaha
just a thought.
love you guys!

From Mindy: I loved your post....So cute and i can't wait for the baby to come. I am making a wild guess and going to say it is a BOY! The name will be Zachary. (I really dont know!) haha

From Granny DeeDee:
Yeah, I say girl - Kyra Spencer Clark. (Who Knows from whence the name came.)

From Jamie Rau:

I have a good feeling for a girl... named Maddie or Alison?
but if it is a boy I've always been preferable to Andrew because i never met an Andrew I didn't like. When I<>

From Katie Pazan:

From Gramma Judy:
so I just wanted to say that if it is a girl – I like the name Jessica and the name Sadie too! If it is a boy – Josuah would be really cool!! xoxo