Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joy in the Beginning of the End;

Thank you babe... for being my best friend...
So yesterday marked the beginning of the end of this pregnancy... I am officially "FULL TERM"!!! Hooray!!!! We went to the doctor yesterday and things look GREAT!!! I am already 4cm dilated... Sounds exciting huh? But the doc said that it could easily be a several more days... I walked around at 3cm for three weeks with both Josiah and Halee and felt totally normal the whole time... So we'll just have to wait and see.. :)

Things i loved about this pregnancy... My black stretchy skirt that I wore about 5 days a week... My loud belly laugh... the unexplainable joy and energy that the Lord has given me with my two toddlers... pretty much nauseous free... No swelling... No high blood pressure... half the amount of weight gained with the other kids... I feel sooooo good and UNBELIEVABLY blessed!!!!

So much so that yesterday when i left the doctors office i asked Joey if I could treat myself to a donut... Of course he said yes and we drove down to the road to a little "hole in the wall" donut shop... I went in by myself to get "A" donut and ended up ordering a half a dozen... but then realized that they only accepted cash (which i didn't have)... i went out to the car to ask Joey for some cash.. He said "sure, how much do you need?" I said, " $5". He looked at me and with a chuckle said, "what, are you buying donuts for the whole circus? How many donuts are buying? I thought you just wanted "A" donut?

And then the laughter started... I couldn't stop laughing enough to tell him that "everything just looked so good and i couldn't decide."

Then he just kept going... " are you trying to gain those twenty pounds in the last few weeks?"
"did you buy one donut for yourself, one for the baby, one for your belly, one for each leg?"
i can't even remember all the comments... and as I write them down I am realizing that they are not NEARLY as funny as i was making them out to be... I was laughing so hard that I could have laughed this baby right out of me onto the street...

It turned out that Joey only had one dollar bill and four quarters... So I went back in to the donut shop and tried to compose myself enough to tell the lady that I could only afford to buy one donut ... she gave me a sweet look and in her asian accent said, "honey, you look like you need whole box... you take now, pay next time..." Well that set me off again... i went out to the car and told Joey what she had said.

Joey made comments and cracked jokes the whole way home... What a way to finish up this pregnancy with laughter and joy...

God constantly reminds me of all the things that I really love about Joey... this week i felt so grateful that after being together for ten years i still find his jokes just as funny as I did way back when... and the funniest part about it is that the jokes are almost always the same... Every night when we watch jeopardy on TV and Joey answers almost every question with the same answers... "Who is... Ben Dover"... I'll spare you his other answers... but it's a given... every night I laugh as if I was hearing the joke for the first time... EVERY STINKIN NIGHT!!!

Just a few more days babe until we meet our third little guy... Thanks for making this beginning of the end of this stage of our lives so joyful... I sure do love ya!!!!!