Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cherishing Hal

On friday joey and I took the kids on dates... Joey took Siah to pick up Uncle Andrew's new scooter in down town San Diego and then to the mall to eat hot dogs and watch hockey... When they got home Joey said that Siah talked about Halee the whole time...

When Hal woke up from her nap she started crying... I asked her a bunch of questions to figure out what might be wrong thinking she might have felt sick or hurt herself or something (she never cries when she wakes up)... then I asked her if she missed Siah and her whimper turned into full blown sobbing and huge elephant tears :)... I thought about it for a moment... then realized how rarely the kids ever spend time apart... They are ALWAYS together :) I'm glad that God has given them such a great love for each other that even at 2 and 3 He truly has given them a deep friendship.

When all this was happening we were sitting on the couch... when Hal's tears stopped I expected Hal to perk right up and get off the couch and go play but she just sat next to me cuddled up against my belly... All these thoughts were going through my head of things that I wanted to get done before I took her out to dinner for our little date...

Aunt Mindy was making chocolate chip muffins in the kitchen and the whole house smelled delightful... There was worship music that my friend Beth wrote, that I just love, playing quietly in the back ground and then I had this thought go through my head, "just enjoy and soak it up. cherish Hal." and so i did... I forgot for the moment all the things that I needed to get done and I held my little girl and rubbed her back oh so gently (she's just like her Papa, she LOVES to be rubbed :). We listened to worship music together and just sat there... She laid on me for nearly 30 minutes (which NEVER HAPPENS)... And it was wonderful!!!! Thank you Lord for allowing me to slow down long enough to soak up one of the best 30 minutes of my life... Thank you for my precious daughter and the tremendous joy that flows out of her little life!!! Thank you for an awesome date with my daughter and for showing me how to CHERISH Hal... :)

Aunt Mindy snapped a picture for me.... :)