Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mystery Baby Pic

It's kind of a funny picture but if you
look close the you can make out the face
and the arm and a big mish mash of some other
parts on the left side of the photo... :)

Today we saw our Mystery baby at the doctor's office... Everything looks great... We brought the kids to the appointment today so that they could see their little brother or sister on the big screen... When Dr.Biter tried to point out the baby to the kids, Josiah so profoundly said, "Mama, why you have a dolphin in your tummy?" I tried to explain that it was a baby in there but he persisted in asking "why mama? Why you have dolphin in there?" So our idea of trying to help the kids understand a little better that we were having a baby didn't quite turn out as planned but it was fun and funny... always an adventure with them and I love every minute of it :)